Vision Leadership Degree Program Details

Students may choose to be in a degree or certificate program.  All students choosing to earn a degree are responsible to request official transcripts from colleges previously attended. Those transcripts must be submitted to the VLI office no later than the first day of classes to be considered in their degree evaluation. Students will be notified of their admission into a degree program after their admission into VLI and an official meeting with their academic advisor.


Definition of For-Credit Students

Undergraduate: Successfully complete 4 years of VLI classes and earn or transfer a total of 120 credit hours to receive a Bachelor of Ministry degree. 60 credits are required to complete the Associate of Ministry Degree.

Graduate: Must have a previous degree to enter this program. Will earn 15 credit hours per year of successful completion of VLI courses. May be necessary to complete the balance of graduate courses through online or correspondence courses.


Degrees and Certificates

We currently offer the following degrees and certificates for those persons wanting to achieve a degree by attending our on-campus Vision Leadership Institute.

AMIN: Associate of Ministry 1 Year Ministry Certificate
BMIN: Bachelor of Ministry  2 Year Ministry Certificate
MMIN: Master of Ministry
DMIN: Doctorate of Ministry (in partnership with Christian International School of Theology)



Some courses are administered online on behalf of Christian International through Vision International University. Vision International is accredited through The New South Wales Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board [VETAB], which is part of the Australian Qualifications Framework [AQF].  Vision International College’s government accreditation is recognized throughout the British Commonwealth and most higher education institutions in the United States.”