VLI Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

Full Time : Off Campus

Price: $3,000 for seven month program. Includes class fees and books (does not include food and housing). For those unable to attend regular classes on the VLI Santa Rosa Beach, FL  campus we have our Off-Campus program available. This program provides:

  • 30 Undergraduate Credit Hours
  • Ability to complete most of your school work from home via computer

Course duration: September through April
Earning 15 Credit hours each semester or 30 undergraduate credit hours per year. (Graduate students please contact our offices for more information.)

Course Requirements:

  • Six weekend courses
  • Attend two conferences per year
  • Complete online courses each year
  • Attend one APT seminar each semester with subsequent reading, writing and practicum assignments to be completed within a specified time period.*

*With the exception of APT’s these courses may be completed by live streaming or by attending in person. For those unable to personally attend APT’s, alternate course work may be given providing a more flexible requirement for those unable to travel to attend or whose work schedules prevent full-time attendance in class.

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