On Campus Core Curriculum

Vision Leadership Institute offers a yearly menu of courses that can be taken individually or as part of a degree program. Each semester is combined consecutively towards a two year Associate’s Degree, a four year Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree or Doctorate. Our rotating program focuses primarily on developing leaders and influencers through courses in apostolic/prophetic transformation, personal development, leadership training, evangelism, Christian worldview, practical living, bible and theology courses. Though our schedule for the year may change from time to time, each year will contain the following:

  •        6 Fast Track courses @ 3 credit hours each = 18
  •        One Bible course @ 3 credit hours each  =  3
  •        Theology & Practice of Spiritual Gifts (APTs) =  3
  •        Theology & Practice of Prophetic Ministry (CI Conferences) =  3
  •        Spiritual Development Course =  3

Total Credit Hours Per Year = 30

Degree Programs offered through our on campus program include:

  • Associates of Ministry (AMin) – 60 undergraduate credit hours to complete
  • Bachelor’s of Ministry (BMin) – 120 undergraduate credit hours to completeGraduate degree candidates are required to go through a degree evaluation to qualify for entry into their programs
  • Master’s of Ministry (MMin) – 60 graduate credit hours to complete
  • Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) –


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Price: $3,450 for an eight month program. Includes book, class and conference fees (does not include food and housing).
Come and be a part of our community where you will have opportunity to receive:

  • Anointed teaching sessions twice a week
  • Hands on activation and impartation
  • Personal mentoring
  • Personal ministry opportunities
  • Character development

Course duration:  September through April
Earn 15 credit hours each semester or 30 undergraduate credit hours per year. (Graduate students please contact our offices for more information.)


  • On campus classes each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Attendance at weekly prophetic teams class and weekly Friday night prophetic call-out ministry
  • Attendance at six weekend Fast Tracks courses and subsequent assignments throughout the year
  • Attendance at all APT’s and conferences each semester
  • Hands on mentoring
  • Church team involvement



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